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Stage / Refreshments / Cobbler

Running the stage during a show, while
coordinating refreshments for the band is
one thing, but doing it all in neon spandex,
spiked gloves and thigh-high custom made
platform boots with spurs on is something
completely different all together, and has to
been seen in person to be believed.

Boots has been entertaining audiences for
years with his eclectic outfits and infamous
boots that are truly a work of art. They are
crafted entirely by hand and adorned with
all kinds of chains, spikes, rods, buckles,
hooks, snaps, buttons, rivets and spurs. 

Unsure whether to classify them as merely
fashion or dangerous weapons causes quite
a dilemma for the bouncer staff at many of the clubs, further promoting the boots to an
even higher level of  legendary status.

Fans are often encouraged to try them out,
and the experience has transformed  many of them into wild maniacs as seen below.


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